There’s no place like “Hugsie”

Hugsy? Like Joey’s stuffed penguin from Friends? Or maybe Hug-Z,  Jay-Z’s cuddly cousin we haven’t heard about! However you spell it, it sounds like a blanket of thousand marshmallows cascading you on a snowy winter’s day…so soft, so warm, an all-embracing bubble of kindness and compassion. That’s Harvard’s Graduate School of Education or HGSE, lovingly … More There’s no place like “Hugsie”

I chose this frustration…and it’s excellent

Part of the beauty of the Education Policy and Management (EPM) program is its limited requirements. Though there are some sorts of courses I need to take to graduate, I’ve much latitude in deciding exactly what that looks like. This semester, I’ve chosen to fulfill four of the five requirements. The idea was to open the … More I chose this frustration…and it’s excellent