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I got HIRED!

Twice a week, I intern at Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV), a non-profit organization that supports the academic and personal success of Cambridge Public School students. I work closely with the College Readiness Mentoring Program which assists high school seniors, some who are the first in their families to apply to college, with college applications and financial aid. As a first-generation college student myself, I know all too well the adversities students may face during the college application process. One of my goals was to make an impact in the lives of underrepresented students and my Program Assistant position at CSV allows me to do just that.

Ivan Valdovinos (Left) and Diane Sherlock (Right) HGSE alum.

Ivan Valdovinos (Left) and Diane Sherlock (Right) HGSE alum.

During the summer, I began my search for an internship that would complement my course load. I browsed through the Hired system—a Harvard Graduate School of Education resource where internship and job postings are available—in order to secure a paid internship. The Career Services Office also hosts an Internship Expo during Orientation Week where you can speak face-to-face with potential employers. I met my boss at the Internship Expo which helped me land an interview and eventually helped secure my internship! Here are some tips to help you during the internship process:

Tip #1: Meet with a career counselor

Work diligently and face-to-face with a career counselor in order to explore the internship process.

Tip #2: Browse the Hired system

Compose a list of potential employers and do your research!

Tip #3: Attend the Internship Expo

Bring copies of your polished resume and dress professionally! You may encounter your future employer.

Tip #4: Secure a for-credit, work-study, or unpaid Internship

Good luck, have fun, and get HIRED!

Ivan Valdovinos is a Master’s in Education candidate in the Education Policy and Management Program. He is a first-generation college student who seeks to develop culturally sensitive intervention programs for underrepresented students.

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A Seven Day Internship

When I tell people I’ll be interning in Dubai over my spring break, the sideways glances ensue.

“Internship? Are you sure that’s the right word?”

“You’re traveling 12 hours on a plane … to work … for a week?”

“Isn’t spring break a time to vacation with new friends or catch up on the ever-growing piles of work?”

Yes, I get it. It’s not necessarily the most traditional form of internship or use of spring break, but when the offer presented itself, I figured what better way to accent my Harvard experience than with an intense, 7-day internship in Dubai.

Ticket booked, lodging confirmed and I will be on my way.

Art Dubai is the largest art fair that takes place in the Middle East, South Asia, and the continent of Africa, and it just so happens to coincide with my spring break. The festival aims to blend public space with the arts, consuming the city with creative works. Last year, about 22,500 visitors, 75 museums, and 75 galleries from 32 countries attended!

I’ll be working with the Sheikha Manal Little Artists Programme in partnership with Zid Zid Kids, the Morocco-based trilingual children’s art education specialists to host a series of educational programs and workshops for children and teenagers attending the festival.

Beyond the chaos of arranging my academic schedule, booking flights, setting aside time for visiting with family and friend while in Dubai, the excitement of applying the concepts and projects in real time to the my work at Art Dubai will be extremely fulfilling.

Dubai-bound & Cambridge-based,


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