Wire & Fire Series: Building community one network at a time!

One of my many goals for my year at Harvard has been to not only bask in the glory of the genius that surrounds me but to engage these ‘brainy’ peers/alumni/professors in coffee or lunch meetings; my hope in setting up these coffee sessions is to learn a little bit more about the holistic human … More Wire & Fire Series: Building community one network at a time!

There’s no place like “Hugsie”

Hugsy? Like Joey’s stuffed penguin from Friends? Or maybe Hug-Z,  Jay-Z’s cuddly cousin we haven’t heard about! However you spell it, it sounds like a blanket of thousand marshmallows cascading you on a snowy winter’s day…so soft, so warm, an all-embracing bubble of kindness and compassion. That’s Harvard’s Graduate School of Education or HGSE, lovingly … More There’s no place like “Hugsie”

How to Have Fun as a Grad Student (and Still Save Money)

Going back to graduate school was a tricky financial decision for me. I’d been working for a few years, and while I couldn’t wait to get back in the classroom, I also struggled to imagine the financial reality of a year without a paycheck. You can check out the HGSE Financial Aid Office site for … More How to Have Fun as a Grad Student (and Still Save Money)

Tips for Surviving Winter

Don’t let anyone try to deceive you:  in the winter, Cambridge is cold. And I have another piece of bad news:  it’s winter here from about November through March, possibly early April. (See now why I saved this blog post for after you’d submitted your application?!) However, having spent the first part of my life in the South … More Tips for Surviving Winter

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has finally begun to take root (literally) on the streets of Harvard Square. Restaurants are bringing out the patio tables, puffy jackets are being traded in for light pea coats, and there’s a happier feeling in the air, a sign that summer is upon us, and… oh no… graduation is drawing closer and closer. … More Spring Has Sprung!

PAX East

For those of you who don’t know (and I really don’t blame you if you don’t), the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX for short) is a series of annual gaming conventions held in Seattle, Boston, and Melbourne, Australia. Each expo is primarily dedicated to video games and tabletop games (i.e. board games), and people come from … More PAX East