Choosing Where to Live

If you’re thinking about attending HGSE, it’s time to start thinking about the practical things. For some of you this will mean organising visas, going through your finances or handing in your notice at your current workplace. For all of you, this will mean thinking about finding a place to live.  There are several options … More Choosing Where to Live

From Cali to Cambridge

An ode to California. For Cambridge is not you. This is not the land of dreamers and beaches. But, living here won’t break you. Five states. Twenty-Five years. All roads leading to here. I have been on the move since I was born, but that does not make the process of moving or starting a … More From Cali to Cambridge

A Week at HGSE

It’s a Sunday evening in mid-October. I’m watching the Red Sox playoff game on TV (Go Twins, but what are the playoffs?) and the much discussed fall foliage is beginning to appear. We’ve finished up our sixth week of class, and after moving to Boston from the Pacific North West, my home for the last … More A Week at HGSE

The Perks of (PS)Pizza

On Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 I landed at Logan International Airport with two suitcases and a purse. The past fourteen years of my life in sunny California, were uprooted, stuffed into luggage, then launched across the United States, courtesy of American Airlines. I initially felt a lot of anxiety surrounding my transition into life at … More The Perks of (PS)Pizza