The Job Search

With just over a month left before graduation, landing a dream job is high on many HGSE students’ priority lists. I’m still working on defining exactly what a “dream job” looks like to me, but luckily I have plenty of resources here to help me figure it out. The HGSE Career Services Office (CSO) is … More The Job Search

Job Searching Advice

In a one-year program, it is inevitable that springtime means job hunting season. Luckily, there are tons of resources for you if you just GET STARTED. HGSE has a whole Career Services office that wants to help you out. Make an appointment with them to see how to begin. If you’re aiming to go into … More Job Searching Advice

I got HIRED!

Twice a week, I intern at Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV), a non-profit organization that supports the academic and personal success of Cambridge Public School students. I work closely with the College Readiness Mentoring Program which assists high school seniors, some who are the first in their families to apply to college, with college applications and … More I got HIRED!

Daily Defense

The Special Studies program (SSP) here at HGSE has been the perfect fit for me, and now that I’m more than halfway done, I’m better prepared to articulate why this is true. I’m the type of learner that thrives on autonomy, and that is exactly what SSP is all about. Being in SSP means that … More Daily Defense