A MIXEDtape of Experiences

If you’re wondering about the “punny” title…it’s because I’m the leader of MIXED at HGSE for the 2018-2019 school year! MIXED stands for Multiracial Individuals eXchanging and Encouraging Dialogue. The mission of MIXED this year is to provide a space of belonging for individuals who identify as mixed-race or who grew up in/currently have a … More A MIXEDtape of Experiences

“New” Friends

Today I sat with two new friends, “new” only by the virtue that we met just a few short months ago at Orientation. They’re the sort of new friends who actually feel like old friends, those rare people with whom you’ve shared deep and meaningful moments of connection despite the brevity of your acquaintance. Our … More “New” Friends

A Day in the Life

Disclaimer: take what’s below with a grain of ENFJ salt. As someone who completed a social experiment that involved getting in a picture and having a meaningful interaction with a new person every day for 1,000 consecutive days, the vibrant stop-and-say-hello culture at HGSE is probably the aspect of my daily experience that I cherish … More A Day in the Life

“America to Me” Viewings with My Cohort

My motivation for pursuing a graduate degree has been to analyze and disrupt systems of educational inequity, so that students of historically marginalized groups can access and thrive in academic spaces. Although my classes at HGSE have provoked many interesting conversations around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, I have valued time outside of class … More “America to Me” Viewings with My Cohort

Navigating HGSE and Harvard as a Student of Color

I grew up in a predominantly white town, attended predominantly white schools, and attended a predominantly white institution for my undergraduate degree, so I thought I had the whole “attending a PWI” thing down as a student of color. While I was wrong because Harvard is a whole different ballgame. That said, I’ve found and … More Navigating HGSE and Harvard as a Student of Color

The Chat Group

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who are comfortable having a permanent notification tag on their phone app that says they have 1,253 unread messages. And then there are people who read every message every hour to avoid the dreaded unread notification. I am proudly part of the latter category. Yet, … More The Chat Group