Let It Snow!

As an Arizona native, I’ve been actively anticipating/dreading the arrival of an actual, real winter. Well, it came. With a vengeance. So, I dealt with it the only way that made any sense! Advertisements

An Apple A Day

As the semester has been wrapping up, I’ve had an opportunity to realize how lucky HGSE students are to have this job. Day in, day out…it’s just an unbelievable thing to be involved in education. But, I’m not talking about teaching—I’m talking about being a graduate student. It’s incredible to wake up every morning and … More An Apple A Day

Fall In Love

Recently, I’ve been in touch with a group of my friends and peers from high school about scheduling our 10-year class reunion in the spring. Ten years! As seems to be the case with these benchmarks in life, it’s sparked a lot of personal reflection. If you told me ten years ago that I would … More Fall In Love

When Life Gives You…Apples?

I’m from Arizona. And here’s something you may not know about life in the desert: we don’t have “fall.” We don’t even really have “seasons,” per se. For all intents and purposes, we’ve got summer, post-summer, and pre-summer…and that’s about it. So, needless to say, this whole fall thing has been pretty fantastic. And, in an … More When Life Gives You…Apples?