It was on a Friday, March 4th, 2016, when I received an email on my phone regarding an admissions decision from Harvard Graduate School of Education. I was sitting at home, watching Parks and Recreation after a long day of reading applications (I worked in Admissions for Lafayette College). I made a delicious burger and french … More Congratulations!

J-Term: “Putting a new memory in the minds of children…”

Harvard Graduate School of Education, in collaboration with the other Harvard graduate schools, offers January term (J-term) courses. After I submitted my last final in mid-December, I turned off my laptop for a much needed rest–both for me, and my Mac–and I contemplated whether or not I wanted to extend my break as long as possible. … More J-Term: “Putting a new memory in the minds of children…”

A Purple Chair

Sitting on the purple chair in Gutman and staring out to the corner of Appian Way and Brattle Street. I just waved to some familiar faces. Months ago, I didn’t know this would be the chair I wrote my paper on first-generation programs, or where I’d engage in a twenty minute dialogue about educational rights of … More A Purple Chair

One year later

I first visited Appian Way around this time last year to attend the Diversity Recruitment Program (DRP). During DRP, I heard powerful voices from faculty, staff, and students articulating their stance on complex challenges in education and their day-to-day agency on all students’ behalf. I was amazed by others and second-guessed my ability. I remember … More One year later


Midterms: the half-point check-in with exams and papers that showcase the great human capital we’ve developed in the past month and a half. This familiar feeling is about as missed as the half-hearted final bite of an unsatisfactory meal. I forgot what it felt like to lock myself in the library and plug away for … More Midterms.