Commuting in Winter

As you contemplate living in Cambridge next year, you would be wise to consider your commute.  During the Winter, roads are largely impassable by bicycle, and during the worst snow, driving isn’t fun either.  Keep in mind proximity to public transportation as you make your decision.  I was lucky to live at Cronkhite, just one block … More Commuting in Winter

Many Steves

Steve Seidel, the director of the Arts in Education program, is known for his reliable dress. On most days, he can be spotted in black shoes, black pants and a button-down shirt layered with a black vest. To mark our last meeting as a cohort last Friday, our cohort decided to surprise and pay tribute … More Many Steves

From the Flurry

From the flurry of emails received in my first weeks at HGSE, I was only able to extract the room number of my advisor and the time of our advising group’s first meeting, and I promptly forgot my advisor’s name. When I arrived in the room to find it full of students, I sat in … More From the Flurry