Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has finally begun to take root (literally) on the streets of Harvard Square. Restaurants are bringing out the patio tables, puffy jackets are being traded in for light pea coats, and there’s a happier feeling in the air, a sign that summer is upon us, and… oh no… graduation is drawing closer and closer. … More Spring Has Sprung!

“Dream. Try. Do Good.”

For those of you who haven’t watched (and cried through) the classic movie, Love Story, this is a film from the 1970s that centers around a Harvard hockey player and a Radcliffe intellectual who have absolutely nothing in common other than their deep love for each other.  When I first began considering plans for graduate … More “Dream. Try. Do Good.”


The dreaded word – finals. Whether we’re grading them or taking them, finals never really seem to go away. We all know from our four years in college how hard it can be to stay healthy and be committed to exercise when you’re stuck in a chair in the library typing up papers all evening, … More Finals.