Reflections: “Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity”

As my time at HGSE is now nearly at a close, I find myself reflecting back often on my experiences this year, including my participation in our community conversation, “Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity.”  As an English teacher, I love reflecting through words, breaking down language and examining the meanings behind the meanings to see what broader … More Reflections: “Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity”

Writing Workshop

“I am an exclamation point in this room, filled with excitement about the work you are about to do!” And so began Writing Workshop with Professor Nancy Sommers.  This short, 6-week long module (for those of you who don’t yet speak “HGSE,” that’s a half-semester course) was unexpectedly one of the most transformative of my … More Writing Workshop

Tips for Surviving Winter

Don’t let anyone try to deceive you:  in the winter, Cambridge is cold. And I have another piece of bad news:  it’s winter here from about November through March, possibly early April. (See now why I saved this blog post for after you’d submitted your application?!) However, having spent the first part of my life in the South … More Tips for Surviving Winter

Thinking of not applying? I have someone for you to meet…

It’s winding down the admissions deadline, and some of you are starting to reconsider whether you should bother applying. Before you make that decision, there’s someone I want you to meet.  Actually, two someones. I met Ahoba on our very first day in Learning & Teaching.  We took a bus ride from Gutman Library to … More Thinking of not applying? I have someone for you to meet…

Happy Thanksgiving — Time to Write Some Personal Statements!

I always get nostalgic around holidays.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I was remembering my Thanksgiving last year.  A time of food, friends, family… …oh, and a little personal statement writing.  Yeah, there was that, too. If you’re anything like me, you may be counting on holiday breaks from work/school to get started on … More Happy Thanksgiving — Time to Write Some Personal Statements!

A Hug from a Hero

When I was an undergrad at the University of Virginia and developing my interest in urban education, I read an article about the phenomenal growth in the Richmond, Virginia public schools – an urban school district that had struggled to raise student performance but, under the leadership of a new superintendent, had achieved remarkable results … More A Hug from a Hero