The Job Search

With just over a month left before graduation, landing a dream job is high on many HGSE students’ priority lists. I’m still working on defining exactly what a “dream job” looks like to me, but luckily I have plenty of resources here to help me figure it out. The HGSE Career Services Office (CSO) is … More The Job Search

Soak it All Up

The realization of how little time I have left at HGSE hit me hard at the beginning of second semester. I have learned so much here, and there is so much more I want to soak up before I graduate. Luckily, there is no shortage of fantastic speakers and events. Here is a glimpse at … More Soak it All Up

Course Shopping

I started this semester completely indecisive. I couldn’t decide what courses to take or what career to pursue. As I talk with other HGSE students, it’s clear these are common problems in January. Luckily, HGSE provides plenty of resources to make these decisions easier. I still haven’t made any final career decisions (look out for … More Course Shopping

Taking Advantage of J-Term

One of the many amazing things about being a student at HGSE is the flexibility you have in creating your schedule. January term (or “J-term” as its called more frequently) is a great example. J-term is a three-week period in January that offers both for-credit and noncredit opportunities. It is entirely optional, and many students … More Taking Advantage of J-Term

Group Shot!

We just wrapped up the last week of classes at HGSE, and for me, the week included two group presentations. These were projects we have been working on for much (in one case all) of this semester. Group work has it challenges, but in the end it’s an incredibly valuable experience. Group work is something … More Group Shot!


At this time last year, I was both excited and anxious about my application to HGSE. My biggest worry was whether it was time to go back to grad school. I was debating whether it was a good idea to make the career shift away from law practice back towards education, the sector where I … More Why HGSE?