We FINALLY Got a Win!

The 2016-2017 School Leadership Cohort is a good group of competitive individuals. We are always looking for ways to be strategic, efficient, and win! I truly believe we have taken leadership to a brand new level at HGSE. We have turned one class project into a gallery showing, published book, and a presentation at AOCC … More We FINALLY Got a Win!

Welcome Spring Semester!

OMG: One of my favorite slang terms. I found myself saying this a lot as I returned to HGSE for Spring semester. OMG time to shop for classes. OMG time to choose classes. OMG time to start classes. OMG time to finalize and begin my internship. OMG I have assignments due already? OMG I missed … More Welcome Spring Semester!

Scholarly Reflections

At this time in my life, the setting is just right to reflect. Reflect on the previous semester. Reflect on my Harvard experience so far. Reflect on my future. Reflect on all the things I still want from this experience. Coming to Harvard, I had little expectations besides knowing that I would receive an education … More Scholarly Reflections