Job Searching Advice

In a one-year program, it is inevitable that springtime means job hunting season. Luckily, there are tons of resources for you if you just GET STARTED. HGSE has a whole Career Services office that wants to help you out. Make an appointment with them to see how to begin. If you’re aiming to go into … More Job Searching Advice

Dimensions of Diversity

The teachers and reading specialists at HGSE all have to complete state requirements to earn licensure. One of these requirements is completion of a 2-credit course about ELLs, or English Language Learners. T-210Z1B Dimensions of Diversity: English Language Learners incorporates a mixture of theory and practice. Everyone in the class is embedded in a practicum, either in … More Dimensions of Diversity


While I am happily enrolled at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, one of the primary reasons I chose HGSE over other graduate programs was the access I would have to other schools within the Harvard system – and even across Boston. HGSE students can cross-register in courses within Harvard’s umbrella, from taking a history … More Cross-registering

Why I Applied to HGSE’s Teacher Education Program

Thinking of becoming a teacher? Here’s why the Teacher Education Program (TEP) was a good fit for me: Our program begins in the summer, so we had a few months with TEP-only classes and the campus to ourselves! TEP allows me to earn a master’s degree and Massachusetts teacher licensure in 11 months. Our coursework is … More Why I Applied to HGSE’s Teacher Education Program

How to Have Fun as a Grad Student (and Still Save Money)

Going back to graduate school was a tricky financial decision for me. I’d been working for a few years, and while I couldn’t wait to get back in the classroom, I also struggled to imagine the financial reality of a year without a paycheck. You can check out the HGSE Financial Aid Office site for … More How to Have Fun as a Grad Student (and Still Save Money)