Boston Bucket List

Today, the weather was warm and sunny, and I spent the day enjoying the New England Spring. For whatever reason, winter didn’t really come this year so I survived without experiencing a blizzard or really even seeing more than a few inches of snow. I pray that all of you warm weather lovers will be … More Boston Bucket List

This Time Last Year II

Around this time last year, I was in a rather interesting predicament. In early March, I found that I had been accepted into a doctoral program at a very good school and the masters program at HGSE. I initially applied to a doctoral program at HGSE, but also chose the option to be considered for … More This Time Last Year II


Having spent three years as a middle and high school teacher, I had grown quite fond of working with children. I knew that when I decided to go back to school full-time that I would one day find myself missing my students. That day came rather early last semester, but my schedule did not allow … More Students!

Group Work!

I can’t believe that J Term is already over and that the Spring semester will begin in a few short days. The last two weeks have been intense, but well worth it. While I taught special education classes for three years, as a teacher there was so much that I did not know that I … More Group Work!

And I’m Back…

Before I came to Cambridge, I never thought that I could call another place home; however, after being away from Appian Way for a few weeks, I definitely found myself missing HGSE. While I enjoyed the sunny skies and warm weather of Houston, Texas, part of me could not wait get back to the sunny … More And I’m Back…

The Highlight of My Day!

The highlight of my day was doing the “Wobble” line dance with about 15 other people, including Professor Deborah Jewell – Sherman, at the end of the Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC) social. That’s just not something that I thought I would do at Harvard, but I did, and it made me very happy! The Alumni … More The Highlight of My Day!

Fireside Chat

One thing that has been quite surprising to me during my time in Cambridge is the weather. Before I moved here from Houston, Texas, I had heard my fair share of horror stories about the “bone-chilling” New England weather. The day after what I call the “Halloween Blizzard,” my mother rushed me a care package … More Fireside Chat