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Career Services

Each semester at HGSE, the Career Services Office organizes a special recruiting intensive period. We get help on our resumes and have the chance to distribute them to companies from across the education spectrum. Many of these organizations visit campus and present their hiring pitches to us masters and doctoral candidates.

Career Services provides job seeking support to students not just throughout our time studying at Harvard, but also for a year beyond graduation. This is a hugely valuable resource. I have enjoyed serving on the advisory board this year and seeing how attentive the office is to my and my cohort’s needs.


Celebrating Culture at HGSE

Those were some of the things I sang about in four different languages with HGSE’s a capella group, The Class Notes, at the annual Multi-Cultural Festival. The evening began with a spread of international food unlike any catered school event I have ever seen. Someone told me later that several local restaurants contributed to the feast (did you know Boston is a foodie’s dream city?). The mountains of diverse deliciousness on everyone’s plates unintentionally replicated the seven summits of the world!

After dinner, the crowd was treated to a showcase of student talent including Brazilian Capoeira, spoken word poets representing South and North Korea, step performances, a graceful Peacock dance, trivia questions about each country in Africa, and much more. We concluded the event with some intense cross-program Salsa dancing. It was a beautiful night.

Class Notes singing “Bonaha” from Congo