Finding Internships as an HGSE Student

Many students take part in graduate assistantships and internships while enrolled in HGSE. All incoming students will have access to HIRED, an online Symplicity application to which students can upload resumes (and other employment-related documents) and to which employers post both internships and permanent positions with their organizations … some are also federal work-study eligible. … More Finding Internships as an HGSE Student

A Day in the Life

The following is a day-in-the-life recap of my life from Thursday, March 7, 2013. Please note that I do not live a particularly exciting life; this a pretty typical Thursday, but hopefully you can get a sense of a graduate student’s schedule here at HGSE. As you can probably tell from my schedule, I’m in … More A Day in the Life

Let It Snow (a Lot)!

Having grown up in the South, any accumulation of snow meant that schools closed down. In the very rare event of a blizzard, school would be out for at least a week, often longer. While they admittedly take blizzards seriously up here in Boston, the response of state and local officials (as well as Harvard … More Let It Snow (a Lot)!

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

With the fall semester drawing to a close, one of the great things I’ve discovered about Cambridge and the greater Boston area is the plethora of volunteer opportunities available to HGSE students at local schools and non-profit organizations. And while there are many involving education and learning, there are also other great possibilities outside the … More Volunteer Opportunities in the Community