The authors and contributors to this blog include students, staff, and occasional guest bloggers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HSGE).  Our goal is to provide readers with a true glimpse of life at HGSE, from our eclectic courses to our inspiring faculty; the Student Government to student research; and restaurant deals to library renovations.

While this blog will provide stories of our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly experiences here at HGSE, we invite you to come visit at any time.  (Though we’d argue that fall and spring are the best seasons.)  While you’re here, take a stroll through campus, visit our own Gutman Library, have lunch in Harvard Square, and even catch a Red Sox game.  No matter where you’re traveling from, you are always welcome at HGSE.

We hope you enjoy this insight to Appian Way.   eel free to reflect, comment, and let us know if there are more topics you’d like to hear about by emailing ambassadors@gse.harvard.edu.

Interested in joining our HGSE community?  Please take a moment to Introduce Yourself using the HGSE website.

All student posts are the personal reflections of the individual authors.  The student views represented are not official ones of the University or any of its units or officers.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Deb Beaupre says:

    I want to ask Marc how it is working out so far. I heard him ten days after the blog he posted at the Diversity Recruitment event and I am taking his advice and applying. (There is no place for readers to leave comments unless I am mistaken.) So, the schools are great, your kids are thriving- how’s the workload at this point, are you having food delivered, too like your friend? Do any other folks live in the dorms like Ike? I live in NH and my kids are all bigger and in middle and high school, so I can do a dorm easily-where did you end up settling? Have you and your family -is that important? If not, I can make some suggestions as I am a native of the area, having grown up literally right down the street. I am also interested in your plans for using your degree. More! More!

  2. Melissa L. Fullmore says:

    These blog posts have been extremely helpful in confirming my decision to apply, reducing my anxiety of the move, and assuring my family it will be OK! Thanks for everything!

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