A Day in the Life of an Ed.L.D student


A schedule from an HGSE Ed.L.D. Student

No two days as an EdLD student are the same. Given the variety in the days, it’s best to take a weekly view at my schedule. Below is a snapshot of one of my weeks. All the teal blocks of time are my classes. This semester I am taking seven classes, one of which is a series of modules. Modules are classes that meet 2-3 times during the semester to go deep in one topic. This particular week I have five of my seven classes.

On Tuesday from 2:45pm-4:00pm I have cohort time. This is not a “class” per say but it is time for my cohort (all 25 of us) to come together to build our community. There is no professor for cohort time. At the beginning of the year we identified a rotating schedule of roles and objectives we want to cover as a group. Each week two members of the cohort lead our time together.

This week also happens to include a Program Meeting series session. This isn’t a graded class but this is a session with our Residency Director to build our soft skills and prepare for upcoming program milestones (i.e. summer opportunities, residency, etc.).

All the blue blocks of time on my calendar are activities or meetings I have scheduled outside of my classes. For this week there are seven different types of meetings/activities:

  1. Time to complete class readings – To keep reading content fresh, I prefer to read 1-2 days in advance rather than bulk read everything over the weekend.
  2. Executive Coaching – Through the EdLD program we are assigned an Executive Coach that we meet with about once a month. During our time, we focus on my personal leadership goals.
  3. Workplace Lab Team Meetings – One of our classes called Workplace Lab involves us working in diverse groups of five on projects throughout the year (the picture of my group is below!). We named our team “The Justice League”. Given the nature of the projects, we have weekly meetings outside of class. This week, we are going out to lunch on Monday to celebrate the birthday of one of our teammates and meeting virtually meeting on Friday!
  4. Connecting with the EdLD Community – The EdLD community is a rich one. We rely on each other in so many different ways and everyone is the program brings a wealth of knowledge to learn from. This week I happen to have time scheduled with four different EdLDers to learn from their experience and/or work together on a class project.
  5. Office Hours – This week I have office hours scheduled with two professors.
  6. Wellness activities – I schedule time for my wellness to commit to it like a class. This week I have scheduled three workouts at the Harvard Recreation center.
  7. Miscellaneous – About once every week I attend some type of one-time campus event. This week it happens to be a mentor kick-off event. I signed-up to serve as a mentor for an HGSE Master’s students and the event will kick off the mentorship.

The author and some of her Ed.L.D. classmates

Blog written by Erica Jordan-Thomas. Photos provided by Erica Jordan-Thomas.

F20A3542 - Erica Jordan-Thomas
Erica Jordan-Thomas is a 1st year doctoral candidate in the EdLD program. Prior to her move to Cambridge, she was a middle school principal in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was raised in Columbus, Ohio and is a proud alumna of The Ohio State University…#GoBucks! She holds a M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership through Relay Graduate School of Education. In her spare time she loves prioritizing self care through visits to the beach, massages, watching reality TV, and listening to Beyonce.