Housing Profile #3: Harvard University Housing (HUH)

This is the final installment of an on-going blog series featuring a range of housing options available to HGSE students. You can read previous posts in this series here

Harvard University Housing: Living at Peabody Terrace

Peabody outside
HUH property Peabody Terrace

Harvard University Housing (HUH) has a portfolio of ~3,000 apartments close to campus. The majority of HUH properties are apartment-style and some are furnished. Applications for HUH are accepted between March 1st and May 1st and incoming students can complete an application here. More information is available on the HUH website here

Below, current HGSE student Sally shares her experience living in Peabody Terrace, a Harvard University Housing (HUH) property. You can learn more about Peabody Terrace here. 



Choosing Harvard University Housing: I chose to live in Harvard Housing because, as an international student, it is what was recommended: I was told that it would be difficult to rent from a private landlord due to not having a social security number (though I know international students who were able to rent privately, no problem).

Peabody kitchen
Peabody Terrace kitchen

Application process: The process was fairly lengthy as I wanted to make sure I made the right choice for me, so I spent a long time looking at all my options! It is quite stressful on ‘choosing day’ because you get allocated a time slot to make your choices, and if you’re in a later ‘wave’, the places you want might have already gone. I had a list of six apartments that I really wanted and as soon as my slot opened I went for it – I missed my first two choices, and secured my third.

Peabody bathroom
Peabody Terrace bathroom

Lease and deposit: My lease is 12 months, and this was non-negotiable, which I found frustrating because the program is only 9 months. Also, you have to pay a month’s deposit within a week of securing the lease, so make sure you have that cash in the bank!

Peabody desk
Peabody Terrace office area

Living at Peabody Terrace: Peabody Terrace is a great building (well, there are many buildings within Peabody Terrace!). I secured a ninth floor apartment overlooking the river, which I love. Also, it is bigger than I thought, really spacious. The building is kept clean and it’s very quiet. The study room on the top floor is beautiful and a great place for working, with gorgeous views. The commute to school is excellent, a 15 minute walk to the Ed school. Plus, there are the Harvard shuttles you can call if it’s late.

Peabody table
Peabody Terrace dining area

One of the pros of living in Harvard Housing is that all the bills are included, so you can budget really specifically. Also, if something doesn’t work or breaks (not that it has) you just contact the building management and they deal with it all for you. Another great thing is that there are social events held every month that you can attend. One of the downsides is that there is no common social area to hang out and meet other Peabody residents; the study rooms are just for studying and the common room is only for functions or if you book it privately. I would have liked to meet more people living here, as it would be nice if you could just go somewhere to hang out and chat in the evenings, but it’s not a huge factor.

Peabody bed
Peabody Terrace bedroom area

Overall, I’m really pleased with my choice, especially because my studio apartment is so lovely. The fact that I secured a furnished apartment (which costs about an extra $200 a month) is also a huge bonus and will make it easier when I move!

Blog written by Sally Bains, photos provided by Sally Bains

Sally Bains is a current Ed.M. student in the Human Development and Psychology program at HGSE.