Housing Profile #2: Off-campus housing

This is part of an on-going blog series featuring a range of housing options available to HGSE students. 

Living off-campus

Many students choose to live off-campus in the Cambridge area. Leases are typically 12 months and rent prices range from ~$950/month for a room in a shared apartment to ~$3,000 for a one-bed apartment (prices vary based on location, size, amenities, number of roommates, etc.) Below, current HGSE student Cecelia DeKorne shares her experience living off-campus in a 3-bedroom apartment in Somerville.

Apartment outside
My apartment in Somerville on a stormy day

When I started considering moving to the Cambridge area, my main priorities were location and cost—I wanted to live close to campus but was mindful of my budget. I also wanted to be able to cook my own meals and ruled out the dorms in favor of having my own kitchen (pictured below).


Once I had decided to live off campus, the search began! I used Craigslist and Facebook groups (see below for links) as my main search strategies and searched for apartments in Cambridge, Somerville, and Allston (all close to campus). This year, Harvard is offering an off-campus housing service listing houses and a roommate search!

I ended up finding my apartment through Craigslist and was lucky to find two incoming HGSE students as roommates. One of my roommates was able to visit the apartment and we all signed the lease remotely. I bought furniture from the previous tenant and was able to move with only 4 suitcases and arrive in a furnished room.

I have loved living off-campus. My commute is a 20-minute walk and it’s nice to have the time to unwind as I walk home everyday. It’s been a great home!

Apartment photo

Helpful links

Harvard Off-Campus Housing link

Facebook group links: (1) Harvard Housing, (2) Harvard MIT Housing, (3) Harvard University Housing Sublets & Roommates, (4) Boston & Cambridge Apartments – Housing

Blog written by Cecelia DeKorne, photos provided by Cecelia DeKorne