HGSE 2018 Acceptance Stories (Part 3)

In a final installment of heart-warming stories, Class of 2018 recalls the moment they found out they were accepted to HGSE. We’re looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2019 soon!

Boston, MA:  “I was in Boston for the evening having dinner at My Thai Vegan Cafe before seeing a show with my partner. The wait for our table made me feel like we were in some alternate reality as we watched many tables leave as the wait line grew, as if the whole restaurant might clear before we’d get a table. When we finally were seated I was scrolling mindlessly through my phone applications and was halted with the non-informative admissions email. I silently went through all the hoops of logging into all the things necessary to find the decision (luckily I had a second work phone at the time and was able to use that for two-step security it required.) I read the decision, shared with my partner, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner!” -Ali, AIE

Elon, NC: “I was FaceTiming a friend who was studying abroad in Copenhagen when I clicked back to the tab with my email account. I saw that HGSE sent that my admissions decision was posted, so my friend told me I had to check right then and there. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but the first word I saw on the screen was “congratulations!” and the rest is history. I hung up with her and called my parents and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them be more excited than right then and there. I couldn’t escape a “Hahvahd” joke at my undergrad from that point forward!” -Danielle, HDP

Carolyn photo
Carolyn (AIE ’18) and her family celebrate over dinner

Hong Kong: “I was working overseas in Singapore last year but decided to go home to Hong Kong for a weekend to see my family. When I got the admission email, I screamed and ran into my parents’ bedroom and just cried! We celebrated over dinner that night, and I am so happy I got to share that day with my family.”-Carolyn, AIE


New York City: “I was visiting the New York City library. While my friend was telling me about the history of that building, I clicked into the email that I just received. I hugged my friend and told him ‘Harvard accepted me.’ He burst into tears ahead of me. Haha.” -Cicy, SSP

San Antonio, TX: “I was living in San Antonio, Texas. I was after school with my academic decathlon kids when I got the email, and I honestly couldn’t pay attention to what they were saying because I was so nervous. I told them I got an email from Harvard. They all crowded around my computer when I clicked on the email, and we all screamed when I got in. Two very sweaty puppy dog 10th graders gave me a giant hug at the same time, and I miss them dearly.” -Samantha, TEP

California: “I was in my 6th grade classroom in California. My class was working in groups on a project and while I was putting music on, I checked my email. I saw that I was accepted, threw my hands in the air and yelled, “I GOT INTO HARVARD!” Everyone immediately looked up and stared at me in silence for a moment, but then proceeded to get up and sing ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’ while dancing in a circle around me.” -Brendan, HDP

Brendan photo
Brendan (HDP ’18) and his 6th grade class

Denver, CO: “I found out at work in Denver, Colorado. The job I was doing was my catalyst to applying to HGSE in the first place. It was a great relief!” -Abbie, EPM

Hong Kong: “I was snoozing on my bed. I grabbed my phone to check the time, hoping that I can sleep for another 5 minutes before going to work. Then, I spotted the email from HGSE in my notification, so I immediately opened it and saw the great news! I probably bounced around for a good while then tried to use the HarvardKey on my way to work. I couldn’t believe this life-changing news is real even after I was able to log in. I also took my resignation letter to work, too, and the rest was history.” -Janisa, HDP

White Plains, NY: “I had gotten to CVS after a long day of student teaching in White Plains, NY. Right before getting out of my car, I saw the email saying my admission decision was ready, and immediately called my mom to tell her that the email was sitting in my inbox. I was scared to open it and risk being disappointed and then have to go into CVS to shop, so I actually shopped for 10 minutes before getting back in my car and actually getting the courage to open the admission decision. Once I found out, I was honestly so stunned that I called my mom and didn’t end up saying anything for a minute or so, which made her think that I didn’t get in. Let’s just say when I told her that I had been accepted, her and I pretty much flipped out! It was honestly one of the most surreal days of my life!” -Jess, HDP

New York City: “I was teaching in New York City at the time and I had had one of those really exhausting days. I was going back up to clean my classroom after school, and saw that I got an email from HGSE. I didn’t want to open the email, because I wanted to just finish my day, so I grabbed a few student helpers from the after school program to help me clean the classroom. I got so anxious and decided to open it anyway, and got the best message of my life! It was a pretty special moment getting that message surrounded by a few of my students.” -Allyson, EPM

“My dad had just come home from a business trip in China, so I was eating dinner and spending time with my family. As soon as I left the table and went upstairs, I saw the email. I ran back downstairs and gave my parents the news–and then they proceeded to give the news to literally everybody in my extended family.” -Mehtab, HDP

New York City, NY: “I had just finished doing yoga in NYC’s East Village. Stepping onto the subway I opened the email and wanted to scream, “I got into Harvard!” But New Yorkers don’t do that. So I remained silent while I cried and smiled to myself.” –Christina, HDP

Durham, NC: “I was at my second job at the Emily K Center, teaching 5th graders, and got the email to check my admission status. When I saw that I got in, I immediately started screaming and crying and my kids started screaming and crying and we fell to the floor hugging cause kids are the best. Literally one of my kids looked up at me and said, ‘You’re living my dream. I want to get that exact letter one day,’ and I started bawling and holding him and am here today thinking about what we’re going to do so we can stand with our Alans when they get their acceptance letters to Harvard.” -Megan, L&T

Megan photo
Megan (L&T ’18) celebrates with future Harvard students at the Emily K Center

Jerusalem: “I was in Jerusalem, and had just finished Friday night dinner with my friends. I had been sick with stomach flu for the two weeks prior and was just starting to feel better. As we were all sitting around talking I decided to check my email and stared at it in shock for a minute before starting to tear up and announcing it to my friends and then calling my family! My friends joked that news was what pushed me over the edge to recover from my flu. I stayed up until 4am that night looking at all the courses I couldn’t wait to take!!” -Elissa, EPM

I had stopped into my part-time job to connect with a colleague, who happens to be my former department head and the women who gave me my first teaching job. I saw the email, but wasn’t going to read it until I was some place private; my curiosity got the best of me. I think I was in shock, I could not get any words out. I handed my phone to my colleague and she made the first public announcement of my acceptance. I called my mom in the car on the way home and start bawling my eyes out, all out sobbing – I probably shouldn’t have been driving. -Jaime, MBE

Italy: I was in Italy while working as an English Teaching Assistant on a Fulbright grant. I was spending the weekend in Rome for a midyear meeting at the U.S. Embassy. On my first night, I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain wishing for a fulfilling year after finishing Fulbright …that same night I got a rejection letter from another school where I applied. So the following evening when I saw the email from Harvard, I was sure it was going to be another no…but it was a YES) I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called my family back home and we cried tears of joy together. -Sagra, IEP

Sagra photo
Sagra making a wish at the Trevi Fountain

Thank you, Class of 2018! And congratulations to the incoming Class of 2019–we can’t wait to meet you and hear your stories.