HGSE 2018 Acceptance Stories (Part 2)

HGSE’s Class of 2018 continues to reflect on the magical moment they received their admissions decision.

New York City, NY: “I was giving a presentation to my team at Google in NYC when the desktop notification popped up. Afterwards we went into our shared office space where everyone huddled around me as I opened the email — once the good news was out, I had 12 people scream with excitement directly into my ear. They were so loud, people from down the hall ran over to make sure we were okay.” Andy, TIE

Heather photo
Heather (HEP ’18) celebrating post-run

Washington DC: “I was living in Washington, DC and decided to go for a run that afternoon.  While stopped at a cross-walk, my phone buzzed and I saw that I had an email from HGSE. I quickly opened it on my phone and tried to log into my account to see my decision but could not remember my password for the life of me! After a few attempts, I immediately turned around and sprinted over a mile home to my apartment so I could log in on my computer. I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast in my life! I was so excited when I finally opened the email and found out I got in, I put on a Harvard t-shirt and started dancing around my kitchen to Harvard’s fight song on repeat. Such a great day! Go Crimson!” -Heather, HEP


Worcester, MA: “I was doing laundry. I was going to visit my parents in the UK for spring break the next day, and before I checked in for my flight, I checked my email and there it was! I couldn’t wait a whole day to tell them the news (actually, I couldn’t even wait five minutes) so I called them on Skype and we celebrated from afar. I got them Harvard mugs from the airport and had the best break ever.” -Despoina, HDP

Dallas, TX: “I was watching television in a hotel room in Dallas, Texas. I was in the city for a couple of days to attend a book festival. I had just ordered dinner when I saw the email notification. I ran over to my computer unsure whether to open or avoid the email. I finally got up the courage to check and I could not believe my eyes. I had been accepted to Harvard! I honestly think I screamed when I first read the word ‘accepted.’ From there I immediately started pacing back and forth debating who I should call first.” -Brianne, L&L

Toronto, Canada: “I was finishing a long day at work and after I read the email I was completely shocked. I refreshed the page several times to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and just sat at my desk processing (and watching the celebratory video) for a full half an hour. The enormity of the event didn’t hit me until I told my boyfriend and saw the joy on his face!” -Cecelia, HDP

Bangalore, India: “Well, I heard from Harvard at 3am, early morning. I gave it a pass because I was sure that I was not getting the offer, so why disturb my sleep. At 6:30am the next day, the first thing I did when I woke up was to check my email. It took a lot of courage to log into the portal to find that I was accepted. I refreshed the page 6 times because I felt I was reading it wrong and then I called my dad. It was most definitely the happiest day of our life. Following this, I went to teach kids in school and when I broke them this news, they literally went and announced in the entire neigbourhood of 1000 people! That was my Harvard story.” -Aarushi, IEP

Christina photo
Christina (SSP ’18) wit her her dad in Poughkeepsie, NY

Poughkeepsie, NY: “I was on the Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, NY with my dad on spring break. I took my phone out to take a selfie, but my hands were so cold that I saw the email and didn’t open it. We went to a delicious dinner, and I was none the wiser. When we got back to our Airbnb at 9 PM, I opened my computer and saw the email. Our host, Kim, gave me the loudest theater whistle from downstairs. It was magical. The next day, we visited the FDR Presidential Library, and two days later we boarded a train to Boston and visited campus.” -Christina, SSP

Houston, TX: “I was sitting in the front seat of my then-boyfriend, now fiancé’s car on my way to pick up some soup and my Tamiflu RX after an unplanned doctor visit (flu b hit my Houston middle school HARD last year and I was one of the first teachers to fall!) I waited until he stopped at a red light (at the intersection of 610 West and Richmond, which I will never forget) before I opened the email. The anticipation was extra intense because fiancé was also applying to grad school (MBA) and we were very much hoping to avoid doing distance. He was elated for me when I deliriously opened the email, but we still had a few weeks before we’d hear back from HBS for him. The flu killed the excitement a little, but luckily Harvard was smart enough to accept us both and we celebrated after we both received our official acceptances!” -Courtney, EPM

Shenzhen, China: “I was about to gmail sisters I met in the 18th Christian Women Conference I attended in Hong Kong during the day, when this email named “Your HGSE Application” caught my eye. The moment I saw “Congratulations!” I stopped reading whatever was there and shouted out loud ‘OH MY GOD HARVARD”. I was alone for the most exciting congratulations ever received in life, but I know God was there with me, for this moment.” – Helen, IEP

“I was in a bathroom stall with no lock at the high school I worked at. Had to hold the door with one hand and open the email with the other…” -Rita, EPM

Between Chicago and Ohio: “I found out when I randomly checked my email as I was riding passenger in a car driven by my friend Lisa from undergrad (Miami University ’06). We were en route from Chicago to Ohio to visit another college friend, Julie, who had recently given birth to her second child. It felt wonderfully full circle to find this out with one of the first people I met in my undergraduate dorm. Lisa was so excited for me, I joked that she needed to pull over and calm down!” -Amanda, AIE

Amanda photo
Amanda (AIE ’18) celebrating with college friends

Omaha, NE: “Having a job that required me to work partially on weekends, I had the afternoon off and, so, was at the gym and saw that I had a message. I was fairly dedicated to my workouts and wanted to complete my circuit. I did that, went home, and checked email again on my computer.” -Andrew, TIE

New Hampshire: “I was at home watching TV with my boyfriend and checking my emails on my phone when I noticed that a decision had been made. Without saying anything I quickly got up and rifled through my stuff to find my laptop. By this point, I caught my boyfriend’s attention and he wanted to know what was going on. Before I could answer him I saw that I was accepted and I just wordlessly cried and showed him my screen. I had wanted to call my parents right away, but I had plans to meet them for brunch the next morning so I held out. I waited for my parents to bring up admissions, they made a point of always checking to see if I had heard back. When they did, I told them I had heard back from Harvard, but I did not say if I got in or not. They assumed the worst, but once I told them I got in my mom started immediately crying and my dad’s first words were, ‘Wow I can’t believe I’ll get to go to a Harvard graduation!’” Molly, HDP

Somerville, MA: “I had a feeling decisions were coming out so I kept nervously refreshing my email. When I saw it, I not-so-sneakily went to my computer, opened the link, and, either from getting in or finally being done, I immediately started crying. I’m not even a crier!” -Yulia, HEP

Stay tuned for more acceptance stories coming soon…