HGSE 2018 Acceptance Stories (Part 1)

Given the diversity of HGSE students, it’s no surprise that Ed.M. students received their acceptance letters in a variety of quirky, surprising settings all over the world.

The 2017-2018 HGSE cohort share their experiences getting in:

Boston, MA: “I was resting after LASIK eye surgery, with gauze taped over my eyes. My husband opened the email for me, after he saw a friend’s Facebook post on their acceptance. He became quiet and told me to try and peek for myself- all I saw was a “Congratulations!” before I had to close my eyes again, which was enough for me! It was an unforgettable moment to dance and jump around in pure excitement, joy, and relief without looking, like I normally would have. The next day I tested my vision (and tears!) and read the entire email.” -Rachel, L&L

Raleigh, NC: “I had just got seated on a date at a restaurant. My date got an important phone call and while she was on the phone I decided to just check my email on my phone. Needless to say, after she got off the phone we proceeded to have one of the best dinners we ever had.” -James, EPM

“I was on a date too! I was on my fifth or so date with my current partner at my apartment. We sat down with takeout Indian and were just about to start a crappy sci-if movie when I got the email. I paused the movie and remember saying something to the effect of “sorry but I need to check this now and this date is either going to go really well or really badly.” I then spent the next 30 minutes on the phone crying with my family while he happily ate his dinner. That’s still our essential dynamic today.” -Natasha, EPM

Manama, Bahrain: “I was in my apartment in Manama, Bahrain. I opened the decision with shaking fingers and then stared at the letter for a minute or two, not really understanding what it said. I called my family Stateside and my fiancé in Jordan in tears and then kept going back to read it again and again all day to make sure I read it right!” -Elizabeth, HDP

Berkeley, CA: “I was living in Berkeley, CA at the time, and happened to be working from home that day (not realizing that acceptances would come out that day). I was checking my email, waiting for something to come for work, and then there the email was. I was home alone, and had to wait until I was around other people again to share the news!” -Alyssa, TEP

Eli photo
Eli (SSP ’18) visited the Coop after he returned from Jerusalem

Jerusalem: “Ever been half-awake during a moment you’ll never forget? That was me, in Jerusalem. I had been wide awake until well past 2:00am local time, and was still checking email at 3:30am. The jet lag and Dramamine had left me so disoriented that I couldn’t understand, let alone believe, the admissions letter I had just gotten  from HGSE. I awoke my wife, and handed her the phone: “could you read this, please?” She dropped the phone and confirmed: I got in! We laughed, we cried, and because it was still early in the States, we got on FaceTime to tell everyone we could reach. Not having slept, I should have been exhausted the next day–but I didn’t notice.” -Eli, SSP

Texas: “I was on a work trip with my boss and a co-worker traveling on the US highway from Laredo to Eagle Pass. I had moved positions to become a part of this work team just a couple of months earlier. I looked at my boss and I said, ‘I’m sorry my friend but I’m going away in the summer.’ I told him I got into Harvard and he was very supportive. We went out and celebrated that night. He gave me days off to complete the endless paperwork required for grants and scholarships, and many things more. He also secured a stipend for me that helped me cover the cost of living here. Needless to say, as soon as I get back I’m going to work for him again to repay his support.” -Josue, IEP

Washington DC: “I had just finished up another soul-crushing day at work. I was driving home and checked my email when I got to a traffic light. I’m surprised I didn’t get into a wreck.” -Bobak, TIE

Naples, FL: “I was in my kindergarten classroom in Naples, FL. I saw the notification but decided to wait until my students were dismissed to read the decision. I literally fell to the ground, threw my phone, hyperventilated for almost 15 minutes, read Congratulations again, and took a few laps around my class. While I was overjoyed, I couldn’t help but feel sad that I couldn’t share this great news with my dad who God called home. However, seeing the excitement from my mom as she screamed and danced, masked some of the pain. The day is forever etched in my heart! Glory be to God” -Diana, EPM

“I was teaching preschool and happened to get a quick break toward the end of the school day. I checked my email, found out, and then went back into my classroom and started a dance party. So, I celebrated my HGSE acceptance by jamming out to Party Rock Anthem with a bunch of five year olds. It was perfect.” -Sara, EPM

Delhi, India: “It was Saturday morning for me. I was at home in Delhi, India, and had just woken up. Out of habit, checked my phone first thing in the morning, loaded my email and saw ‘Your HGSE application’. Jumped out of bed, opened my laptop, waited for the page to load (which obviously takes longer in times like this), while telling myself ‘Be calm, it’s okay, you do have two other acceptances’. I started crying as soon as I read ‘Congratulations!’ as it was my dream for many years. Hearing me, my mom walked in thinking I hadn’t got in, but I had!” -Mahima, TIE

Washington DC: “I was in Washington, DC with my sister after just finishing a visit at George Washington (and thinking I was FOR SURE going there). I waited until we were at the Lincoln Memorial to actually open the decision, but when I went to do it, my phone was dead from the cold! I was finally able to open it and do a quick happy dance with my sister, but wasn’t able to tell anyone else until later that night because my phone died shortly after.” -Jessica, IEP

Jessica photo
Jessica (IEP ’18) with her sister in Washington, DC moments after finding out she was accepted to HGSE!

Gastonia, NC: “I was leaving my dad’s rehearsal dinner the night before his wedding!” -Laura, EPM

Cambridge, UK: “I had just got home from visiting a school which I had decided I wanted to work in, it was midnight and I checked my email before going to bed. When I saw the admissions email I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I opened it or if I didn’t open it so I opened it. It took so long and then when I found out I had got in I was like, ‘Oh no I didn’t actually think it was going to happen!!!’ and was just like ‘Ahhhh I’m moving to America,’ and had to go wake up one of my roommates to tell her. Then I called my parents and told them and they went quiet and said, ‘Really?’…it took them a few minutes before they actually reacted! I was living in Cambridge, England I told no one else for 10 days because I was so overwhelmed!” -Amelia, HDP

Los Angeles, CA: “I had just finished up a meeting at work when I got the email. I ran to the nearest computer at the office, afraid to tell anyone out loud what I was doing because I didn’t think I had been accepted. As soon as I read the first line that said ‘Congratulations’ I jumped out of my seat, did a little happy dance, and ran to tell everyone in the office. The rest of the day I had the biggest the biggest smile on my face, and as soon as I got home from work I spent hours looking over the admitted student website.” -Julia, TEP

Stay tuned for more acceptance letter stories later this week…