Making Plans / Breaking Plans

Upon being accepted to HGSE, I set some lofty goals for making the absolute most of my year here. Being the natural-born planner that I am, I immediately put together a list of classes I wanted to take, clubs I wanted to join, and Boston-area organizations in which I wanted to intern. I had my whole master’s degree mapped out and needed only to execute the plan by staying on the path that I had laid out for myself. What could possibly go wrong?

(Hint: Everything.)

It didn’t take too long for all of my plans to be reduced to mere suggestions. All of the things that were a definite YES before I got to campus quickly became a definitely maybe once I arrived. And everything that had been a NO WAY turned into a hmmm, why not? I recognized very early on that not leaving room in my schedule for exploration, experimentation, and general serendipity would’ve been a huge mistake. Looking back on my Fall semester, I can honestly say that the courses and experiences that I hadn’t planned for ended up being among the most meaningful.

So, with my second and final semester at Harvard on the horizon, I will plan how I want Spring 2017 to look (because, again, that’s who I am), but, this time, with the expectation that those plans can and should be broken.

Monique Hall is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program. She is passionate about children’s media, ice cream, and educational equity.