“It’s Kinda Like Being a Freshman and a Senior All At Once”

It’s true: The end of Fall semester is practically upon us.


The past four-ish months have come and gone in a literal whirlwind of activity—filled with classes, interning, paper-writing, group meetings, problem sets, happy hours, film screenings, Askwith Forums, peace circles, chill sessions, #WaffleFridays, and everything in between—and I couldn’t be happier with all that I’ve gotten to learn and experience thus far. I feel like I’ve done so much. Though, as I stand here on the horizon of the second and final half of my time at HGSE, I can’t help but realize how dizzying of a pace things are going; I feel as though I’m on a speeding train toward our May graduation day, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Not long after I was admitted to HGSE, I remember asking a recent Ed.M. alumna if she felt that 9 months had been enough time for her to be at Harvard and her response – “yes and no” – left me completely baffled. How could the master’s program be simultaneously too long and too short? Now, nearing the midpoint of my time here, I get it. It’s so peculiar: I feel like I just got here, but I also recognize that I’ll soon need to start applying for jobs and planning for the next phase of my life.

Having spoken with friends about this, many of them echoed these sentiments, which was quite the relief. Like me, they’re looking forward to getting back out into the workforce in a few months, but wish they could spend more time taking advantage of all the opportunities Harvard has to offer. As one friend eloquently put it, in this one academic year we’re going from freshmen to seniors. How odd. How wonderful.  

Monique Hall is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program. She is passionate about children’s media, ice cream, and educational equity.