Charter Schools, HGSE, and Me

One of the best things about attending HGSE is having access to so many cool (and free!) events and lectures. Recently, I attended a charter school debate through HGSE’s public lecture series, Askwith Forums. The event, “More Charter Schools? The Massachusetts Vote and the National Debate,” gave voice to the two opposing sides on a state ballot question that could lift the cap on creating new charter schools in Massachusetts. As a TEP (Teacher Education Program) student, I am spending my year interning in a 6th grade classroom at a Boston Public School. As a future educator, it’s really important to me to learn about issues that may affect my students’ lives and schooling experiences. And as a brand new Massachusetts resident, I found the forum to be personally informative as I prepare to vote this November.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can live stream any Askwith Forum online or you can watch the recorded sessions afterwards. This is from the Askwith Forum I attended:


Sarah Mintz is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Teacher Education Program, pursuing licensure as a middle school English teacher. She comes to HGSE from Washington, D.C., where she worked at an independent school and a non-profit serving incarcerated youth. Outside of education, she loves to spend her time cooking and exploring the city with friends.