All systems go in the snow


When I was an undergraduate in the UK several years ago, I found it nearly impossible to get up and trudge through the dreary English weather to make it in time for 9am lectures. So you can imagine how shocking it is that I am now not only happily making my 8.30am classes after navigating the snowy streets of Cambridge, but even voluntarily attending workshops and lectures on the weekends. Where is all the motivation coming from?!

Well… perhaps it’s the draw of purposeful, creative learning in the classroom; perhaps it’s the unique chance to experience student-led dynamic social justice workshops in a single day; perhaps it’s the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear several distinguished professors from different Harvard schools speak in one night. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that there is no stopping us from making the most out of our experience here at Harvard.

Or should I say… there’s s(no)w stopping us 🙂

Objectively evaluating cookies in our first T523 Class: Formative Evaluation of Educational Product Development.


Excited about attending the Harvard Graduate School of Education Social Justice Workshops on a Saturday. But first, a photo with the resident snowman.
Attending a workshop led by Zachary Herrmann on instructional strategies to promote equity in heterogeneous classrooms
Relishing the rare opportunity to listen to short lectures by professors from different Harvard schools in the 2016 Harvard Lectures that Last
Sometimes it’s worth taking a moment to admire the snow… before it’s back to business again

Jasmine Chin is a Masters in Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. She was an arts administrator and public relations consultant that dabbled in piano performance, singing-songwriting, and flash-mobbing prior to pursuing her Masters. She is currently enjoying exploring new creative mediums beyond music, as well as learning about how to create positive impact through arts and education.