Eliminating Nameless Faces: Meet Dinesh

Here, Dinesh is seen flipping through the directory to learn your name. Go ahead, say hi, and introduce yourself!

Meet Dinesh–the man that is the face of HGSE.

You’ve seen him, sitting at the front of Gutman, always welcoming and always offering a friendly hello.

In the 10 years that he has worked at HGSE, Dinesh has seen thousands of students filter in and out through the front doors at the main entrance. He was born and raised in Nepal, but has fallen in love with the HGSE community.

One day, I caught him looking at a binder with the faces of HGSE students. He said he was trying to match names to faces.

This got me thinking- how many of us have taken the time to introduce ourselves to a man that we literally see every day?

How many nameless faces exist in our lives? There are so many individuals in our daily interactions that we see, smile at, and even laugh with on a regular basis. Bus drivers, store clerks, restaurant employees, the list goes on. But how many times do we pause to ask for a name

The simple action of calling someone by their name adds such a profound layer of personal connection to our community relationships. Stronger, more connected communities are the first step to living up to our HGSE motto of “learning to change the world.”

So I challenge you to take action now!  Ask for and learn the name of a community member that you currently only know by face. Let’s eradicate all the nameless faces in our lives.

Oh, and remember to say hi to Dinesh next time you see him at Gutman!


Pam Liu is a beer-loving yogi who works as a high school math teacher and travels the world on the side. She’s currently a Master’s candidate in the Special Studies program.