Ending with a colorful bang

I have learned that there are many ways in which finals week can unfold, as we approach the end of the fall semester. Of course the spikes in caffeine intake have been as expected, and thank goodness for J.P. Licks ice cream and Insomnia cookies to see me through the nights of frantic paper writing and project making. But finals week has also turned out to be packed with exciting happenings. In just this one week, I have: been blown away by the artistic talents of my peers at the Arts in Education (AIE) Inspirations Night and AIE Cabaret Night; witnessed the Designing for Learning by Creating project presentation madness that involved approximately 150 thirty-second presentations back to back; contributed to that very madness by initiating a human wave to launch the first episode of The Palette, the all-original arts and education podcast;  and had my mind set on fire by the inspiring Ethnic Studies and Education student presenters who inspired us all to re-imagine education. As I now head off to contemplate between a sugary or savory snack to power  through another paper, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Inspirations night
Being serious about clowning around at AIE Inspirations Night
AIE cabaret
Can’t quite get enough of laughter and talent at AIE Cabaret Night, part of Monday Night Remix
AIE cabaret 2
And why yes, karaoke and lip sync battles might just happen in future Monday Night Remix evenings, watch this space
Mini Projects Gallery
Engaging with peers on our projects in our mini project gallery, for the class T600 Thinking and Learning Today and Tomorrow
Post Its
We have a tendency to use post-its to make our thinking visible…A LOT.
Gateway to madness presentation
Gateway to T550 madness presentation
Palette Crowd Logo
Snapshot moment before the human wave for the launch of The Palette podcast episode 1
Dynamic and inspiring student presentations at Know History, Know Self: An Ethnic Studies Celebration of Decolonization through Education
Ethnic Studies presentation: stay woke media
Learning about Stay Woke Media in the Ethnic Studies and Education final presentation showcase

Jasmine Chin is a Masters in Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. She was an arts administrator and public relations consultant that dabbled in piano performance, singing-songwriting, and flash-mobbing prior to pursuing her Masters. She is currently enjoying exploring new creative mediums beyond music, as well as learning about how to create positive impact through arts and education.