Question: What do Harvard and Beer have in common?

Question: What do Harvard and Beer have in common?

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Answer: Chill for best results.




And it is MUCH easier said than done–especially for those of us in the one year Master’s program. At a school who’s mission statement is “Learn to Change the World”, one year (actually more like 9 months) is a hilariously short amount of time.

We want to squeeze every last delicious drop from this experience. Attend Nobel Laureate speaker sessions. Engage in classes. Socialize at cohort gatherings. Immerse in cultural discussions. Perform well at our internships. Explore Cambridge. Produce the best work we have ever created in our student careers. We want to maximize this year by doing more.

Our schedules have become so packed that when we happen to find ourselves with a pocket of free time, we immediately slip into a mild panic (!!) that somehow we have forgotten to do something, that somehow we have missed an opportunity to take advantage of our precious time here.

In reality, the only thing we’ve truly forgotten to do is…. to do NOTHING. To chill. To relax. To take time for ourselves, and for our health.

So GO! Go! GO! Go. Do. Nothing. Stop thinking about changing the world. Just chill for a moment. Fall asleep in the park. Go for a walk. Call your mom. Kick it with friends. Read a book of your choosing. Plan a vacation. Have a beer.

Don’t feel bad for missing a few events, saying no to a study group, or not completing all the reading. For only when we have sufficiently nourished our bodies and minds with rest and relaxation will we be equipped with the energy to create the impact we came here to make.


Pam Liu is a beer-loving yogi who works as a high school math teacher and travels the world on the side. She’s currently a Master’s candidate in the Special Studies program.