How to Have Fun as a Grad Student (and Still Save Money)

Going back to graduate school was a tricky financial decision for me. I’d been working for a few years, and while I couldn’t wait to get back in the classroom, I also struggled to imagine the financial reality of a year without a paycheck. You can check out the HGSE Financial Aid Office site for more information on that side of things, but for now, let’s focus on how to have fun on a budget in Cambridge.

  1. There are tons of cheap or free events within the HGSE and Harvard community. Join the HGSE student Facebook page, plan events through your cohort’s social council, and pay attention to the HGSE weekly email bulletin.
  2. Boston, Cambridge, and neighboring Somerville are FULL of students, so take advantage of deals across the city. Use your student ID for free entrance to museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and enjoy student discounts at stores and restaurants all over the city, from J. Crew to Burger King to the legendary Boston Duck Tours.
  3. Find Harvard-only discounts through Outings & Innings. I’ve gotten 20% off theater tickets; friends have snagged cheap seats at Red Sox games or even movie tickets. fenway
  4. Enjoy eating and drinking out without breaking the bank! Try Grendel’s half-price food menu from 5-7:30 each night, or enjoy affordable food and drink at Harvard’s Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub.

Mary Reid Munford is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Teacher Education Program, pursuing licensure as a high school English teacher. She has worked in schools in New Orleans, Mississippi, Colorado, and southern Africa and is interested in how experiential education can make academics come alive for a wide range of students.

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