A place to call my own

A warm welcome to all the admitted students at HGSE!

I am sure you must be very excited and eager to start planning the year ahead. I distinctly remember this time last year, where I suddenly felt like there were a million things to take care of once I had made my decision. On top of that list was finding a house!

Trust me when I say you must start early. A great resource is the pre-matriculation website that provides all the deadlines you need to remember. In terms of housing, there will be a deadline to apply for your View and Select Window for Harvard Housing and an application for the GSAS dorms. It was through the pre-matriculation website that I found my roommate as well! We got a lovely apartment at 29 Garden Street which is one of the Harvard Housing units. Staying here has been amazing, with lots of free food events (an appreciation for which you will soon develop!) and great company. On the other hand, I have many friends who chose to stay off-campus and have found that convenient too.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Cost:Do not just look at the rent amount. Always find out about the extra utilities. The good thing about on campus housing is that the rent is all inclusive (internet, electricity, heating). However, for off campus options, try and get a sense of what your real expenditure will be. With Dorms and Cronkhite, there is also a meal plan that is compulsory and adds to the total cost.
  2. Location:Having survived one of the worst winters, believe me when I say location really is key. Try and find a place close to HGSE. Several of my friends has trouble as the T went down and buses weren’t that reliable this winter.
  3. Roommates:You can use the pre-matriculation website or the many Facebook groups to choose a roommate. This year is going to be very hectic so choose wisely:)
  4. Patience:is key. As long as you stay alert, you’ll definitely have less trouble. There’s a Facebook group called Harvard Housing which is very convenient with many sub let options available as well.

Hope this helps! All the best with the House Hunt!

Ghazal Gulati is a Master’s in Education candidate in the International Education Policy Program. After transitioning from finance to teaching, Ghazal is now interested in systems design for monitoring and evaluation programs. With a love for museums, she is enjoying exploring the historic aspects of Cambridge and Boston!