From Delhi To Cambridge

It is never easy to leave home. Especially when you’re moving not just to a new city but an entirely new country. As my year at HGSE draws to a close, I realise how quickly I’ve come to call Cambridge home. I was nervous and excited in equal measure before relocating to Cambridge. My friends, instructors and host family at Harvard made the transition so much easier! The beauty of Cambridge in the Fall, the sun setting over the Charles and the friendly people around make it so easy to fall in love with this city. Homesickness though is a real phenomenon. Weekends would always bring with it memories of family and friends back in Delhi. To all  the newly admitted students out there, look forward to your year ahead, plan the move you’re going to be making but most importantly be prepared to enjoy this new city and the people you’re about to share this experience with. Trust me, this year will be unforgettable.

Ghazal Gulati is a Master’s in Education candidate in the International Education Policy Program. After transitioning from finance to teaching, Ghazal is now interested in systems design for monitoring and evaluation programs. With a love for museums, she is enjoying exploring the historic aspects of Cambridge and Boston.

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