Spring Semester?

With more than 6 feet of snow in some parts of Boston, spring doesn’t feel very “springy” to say the least.  As a person from Virginia, I am struggling with the cold and the massive amounts of snow.  But what I comfort myself with is the fact that I am living through a historic winter. This is the most snow Boston has experienced since 1978! But history is only little comfort amidst the mental fatigue that multiple blizzards inflict (purposeful word usage) on me.

Still, life goes on. Classes continue, with students and professors struggling to keep up with work through online forms of learning, snow make up days, and additional seminars. People slog, slush, salt, and schlep, but they make it somehow. It is actually quite remarkable how the weather brings us together. It makes me believe we will survive and persevere until we have a GLORIOUS spring!

2015-02-14 18.52.59


Bottom Picture: The Graveyard by the Ed School – the snow covered almost the entire height of the gate!

Irteza Binte-Farid is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Education Policy and Management program.  Having worked for QuestBridge, an education non-profit which matches low-income, first generation students to great colleges within the US, Irteza continues to be interested in the experience of first generation students in college. In the future, she is excited to enter the field of Higher Education Policy.

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