Favorite Study Spots

Graduate school involves a whole lot of reading at all hours of the day and night. Over the last two months, I have found many different places to curl up with books and my laptop. The location I choose depends the availability of free wifi, electrical outlets, comfortable chairs, and espresso, preferably in the form of salted caramel or peppermint mochas. Here are a few of my favorites:

On campus:

– The Cronkhite Graduate Center Courtyard


– The purple chairs on the first floor of Gutman Library and the quiet study area on the second floor


– There may or may not be a rooftop lounge somewhere on Appian Way, but you didn’t hear it from me…


Off campus:

– The Starbucks on Church Street or in Harvard Square (though it’s often quite crowded)

– Mr. Crepe (Davis Square)

– Diesel Cafe (Davis Square)

I’m sure you’ll all discover a few of your own!

Tarin Griggs is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. She has worked as an arts administrator, poet, dancer, and editor. She hopes to partner with nonprofits to bring arts programming back into urban schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.