Ocean Crossing

Lamberts Cove

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~Christopher Columbus

By committing to graduate school and work in education, I do feel that I have decided, in some ways, to journey across great bodies of water. In returning to the US from China, I flew over the Pacific. No problem! In moving from Martha’s Vineyard to Cambridge, I traversed the Vineyard Sound. 45 minutes on an easygoing ferry? Piece of cake! Yet, I admit that in terms of knowledge, learning, teaching, the vast sea of academia seems daunting and I wonder, “where to begin?”

Having dipped my toes in the water just two months ago, I wonder at this incredibly concise one-year master’s program chock full to overflowing with reading, research, and exposure to new things. However, I anticipate the remaining seven months to continue in the spirit of collaboration and support, working together in this rich time of exploration and discovery. Although I do not expect to cross the ocean by the end of this year, I do hope to make a valiant beginning.

 Rebekah Nivala is a first year Master’s of Education student in the HGSE Arts in Education program. After graduating with a degree in Piano Performance from Wheaton College, IL, she spent 20 months in Kunming, China as a music teacher where she worked to facilitate quality learning in and through the arts as well as coordinate collaborative arts performances. In addition to her focus on the arts, Rebekah also pursues her love of athletics and interest in languages by playing soccer for the Dudley House intramural soccer team and by organizing a student Chinese corner.

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