Working on AIE Works!

One of the highlights of my time at HGSE so far has been my work coordinating the AIE Works art show on the first floor of Gutman Library, one of the most lively buildings in the Ed School. I am working in the Arts in Education office as one of the Curatorial and Communications Coordinators, and I was so excited when I found out we were going to have an entire month for our exhibit! Half of the members of my cohort have pieces in the show, which features visual art, photography, and documentation of student art work.



and after!


Back in September when we were soliciting work for this show, I felt like I was primarily learning about my colleagues academic and professional interests. In many cases, this was the first time I was able to see and read about the artistic work the members of my cohort have created and facilitated. There is so much variety in the collection – visual art, photography, poetry, student portraits, documentation of sculpture and murals, and more! I love that this exhibit is another way that the diverse members of our cohort are able to share and learn from each other.

After many weeks of work with my wonderful colleagues Massimo Pacchione and Sarah Quinn (and invaluable support from the incomparable Scott Ruescher), we had an amazing opening reception on October 3rd with live performances by Sterling Higa (a fellow HGSE student blogger!) and Tasha Chemel.


Tarin Griggs is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. She has worked as an arts administrator, poet, dancer, and editor. She hopes to partner with nonprofits to bring arts programming back into urban schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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