Stay wisely naive.

One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had here at the Ed School thus far has been the launch of the HGSE Campaign and the accompanying tagline: “Learn to Change the World”! Kudos to you if you got the wordplay there (:

To have the U.S. Secretary of Education, distinguished alumni of HGSE and professors speak to us was indeed a real privilege. I also had the rare opportunity to speak to one of the Associate Deans from the National Institute of Education in Singapore! He had come down to speak at the panel dialogue on global education and when asked about one piece of advice he’d give to aspiring educators, he said, “Stay wisely naive.” Although seemingly an oxymoron, it resonated with me deeply. While the entire day’s events had surely set me thinking and fuelled my passion to make a difference, his words served a reminder to always temper my hope and idealism with wisdom and courage.

Divya Somasundaram is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Language & Literacy program. As an educator-to-be in the island city-state of Singapore, Divya is interested in the intersection of language policy and language teaching, as well as enabling equitable access to literacy.