My Family Away From Home

Exactly two months ago I landed at Logan International Airport, a little nervous and very excited. It has been two full months now away from home, the longest I’ve ever been away. Whirlwind doesn’t even begin to describe it and maybe I should save that for another post.

But two months ago was also when I met Amika. Amika had been assigned as my Host by the Harvard International Office. As I walked out of the airport, there she was with a big bright smile on her face and an even bigger poster with my name on it (which now graces my bedroom wall). She had been in touch with me over the summer, telling me more about herself and making me feel like the transition wouldn’t be as difficult as I was imagining it to be.

We’ve met quite a few times since I’ve arrived and I thank my stars every single time for signing up for the Host Program! Amika and her partner Gus have welcomed me into their home and lives with such affection that I never feel too far away from home. We’ve shared a few lovely days, some amazing conversation, lots of laughter and some great food (check pictures for details!). So here’s to both of you – Amika and Gus, my family away from home.

Amika, Gus and Me at a lunch organised by the Harvard International Student Office
Amika, Gus and I at a lunch organised by the Harvard International  Office
At Plimoth, trying some fresh boiled lobster! Yum!
At Plimoth, trying some fresh boiled lobster! Yum!

Ghazal Gulati is a Master’s in Education candidate in the International Education Policy Program. After transitioning from finance to teaching, Ghazal is now interested in systems design for monitoring and evaluation programs. With a love for museums, she is enjoying exploring the historic aspects of Cambridge and Boston!