“Life’s short, talk fast.”

Close friends of mine will be able to tell you just how far my obsession with the cult television show, Gilmore Girls, extends. I can throw quotes out from any season, and any episode, on command. For example, I can tell you that the quote written above would actually not be found on any Gilmore Girls script – it was actually the tagline promoting the television show that I came to love throughout the course of my undergraduate years of college. However, as I sat down to write this final (!) blog post of the semester, I realize that “Life’s short, talk fast” is actually a pretty accurate tagline for what I can only describe as my whirlwind of a graduate school experience.

This year has gone by FAST – I’ve read more words than I ever knew could possibly be accumulated into one brain, I’ve woken up and saw the sunrise more times than I can count to modify a lesson plan that didn’t feel right yet, I’ve binged-eaten M&Ms as a substitute lunch on perhaps one too many occasions, and I’ve cried a lot. Oh yeah – I sobbed my heart out that first night here, ready to call my family and have them pick me up because I was so anxious and unsure of what this year would become. I’ve cried in the library (no shame, we’ve all been there) after an eight-hour class day with merely hours left to finish up an essay. Graduate school is exhausting; a good cry is sometimes pretty necessary. However, Harvard has also given me everything that I’ve wanted in a graduate school experience, which is why I now cry at the thought of leaving what has become my home for the last nine months. This year provided a lot of firsts for me – the first time I’ve ever lived on my own (did you guys know that cleaning the lint screener is important when you’re doing laundry?!), the first time I’ve ever stepped into a school setting and been the one fully responsible for the achievement of what my sister likes to call “the young minds,” and the first time I’ve ever had to consider what life is going to be like when I’m no longer the one sitting behind the student desk. I leave Harvard a lot smarter, wiser, and “Boston stronger” than the girl back in September.

I can’t help but think of how much I’ve crammed into this one year – I’ve cheered with the fans of both the Red Sox at Fenway and the Bruins at TD Garden. I’ve listened to inspirational speakers talk about the educators who got them where they are today. I’ve sung in the hallowed halls of Sanders Theatre with the Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus. I’ve witnessed not just one, but two flash mobs right in Gutman Library. I’ve eaten the #7 Italiano wrap at my favorite Market for lunch and dinner. I’ve watched Boston pick up the pieces from last year’s marathon and give us an inspirational event this year. I’ve learned from professors who actually write the texts that we are required to read. I’ve laughed over pizza at Cambridge 1 and Pinkberry for dessert with my friends. How on Earth did I cram it all in? Those who know me will tell you I’m a pretty fast talker. Call it the last bit of New Yorker left in me. So when I think of “life’s short, talk fast,” I wholeheartedly believe that it applies to this situation – graduate school is fast-paced, life is fast-paced, and sometimes you gotta move quickly, experience quickly, and talk quickly so you can take it all in. But, I wouldn’t want it any other way, as it’s also the most thrilling journey I’ve ever taken. Now my mind, brain, and body won’t stop moving – which I’m pretty sure is The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s goal in the first place, to never stop achieving, to never stop learning, to never stop questioning and observing and making change. Well, message received. And with that, I bid adieu. I gotta go study for some finals, but here’s a bit of Gilmore Girl humor to get us all through the next two weeks:


Stacy Tell is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Language and Literacy program. An aspiring Reading Specialist, Stacy is passionate about helping students to become lifelong readers.