Carry On

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for the past half an hour.  Instead I’ve been texting and Facebook messaging with three HGSE people about working on finals, fun end-of-school-year events, and even updating each other on our love lives.

Earlier today I went to the local community college to work on a start-up project that I’m doing with HGSE and HKS (Harvard Kennedy School) friends.  Another HGSE friend connected us to some staff and faculty there so that we could do some observations and talk to students.  This friend also offered to help me apply to a job there, if I’m interested.  Once I came back to Harvard Square, I had dinner with one more HGSE friend and I then offered to connect him to someone at a college he might want to work at once we graduate.

In thinking about what HGSE means to me, I really only have to review today’s events.  I have incredible new people in my life, and I am eternally grateful for them.  They care about me personally, they care about helping me find a job, they care about helping me do my side projects.  And I feel the same about them—I want to help them grow and be happy and successful.  This is something that will continue once we leave and wherever we go.  There is so much I take away from this place, and I can’t even fathom trying to capture it all.  But if I can offer you just one glimpse into what HGSE means to me, it’s that I’ll be graduating with the most amazing group of people who I am honored to have as friends and colleagues today and for a long time to come.

Jessica Perez is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Higher Education program.  She is passionate about improving college access and completion for underrepresented student populations.