Taking Time to De-stress

CONGRATULATIONS to the HGSE Class of 2015! We are so excited to welcome you to Appian Way. We students have less than 100 days until graduation, and some of us are feeling the stress of finishing school, finding a job and figuring out where we’ll be after graduation. But stress is a universal thing and I thought it might be helpful to share with you how my peers and I deal with stress while in graduate school. Here’s how a few of us relax and rejuvenate.

I love cooking dinner, usually something I find on Pinterest or in Bon Appetit, and sharing that time with my roommates over wine and Downton Abbey. I also go running whenever it’s above 25 degrees, which makes me feel better all day (even though some of the sidewalks make icy obstacle courses), and I play the piano at night to take my mind off of education policy for a bit.  -Ashley S.

I’ve been religiously taking a weekly yoga class at the YMCA. Talking regularly with far away friends.This last weekend I indulged and watched two movies! –Indi M.

I read poetry as a source of reflection and meditation before bed every night. The current book is a collection of Edna St. Vincent Millay. -Greg G.

I find it helpful to take a day off from work and homework to spend time with my family. I also have a few friends in my cohort who meet for Sunday brunch or dinner to just hang out. –Melissa P-F.

I spend 1-2 hours early every morning reading dharma books, drinking tea, then meditating before I do almost anything else. I reserved this time because I find it vital to having a clear mind at all during the day. –Joanna H.
Workout at the gym. Watch Homeland. Read ESPN. Go to the bar with a friend.  Call my grandma, dad or mom. –John G.
Hot shower before bed. Online shopping websites (just looking). Spending time with my children first 1 hour in the morning and putting them to bed at night. Writing my wish list. –Shatha A,
The morning practice of meditating for 20 minutes has really helped me compartmentalize the differing time commitments I seemingly sometimes simultaneously am involved in. The trick is keeping it a daily routine. –Kevin L.
Queenshead pub on Thursday nights for trivia. -Alfred C.
Personally, I like to run on the treadmill and sweat out the stress. My favorite way to relax and take my mind off work is by spending time with my roommates (fellow HGSE students). We laugh a lot.

While hard work is valued at Harvard, so is wellness. What is your favorite way to relax? 

Felicia Kamriani is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Technology, Innovation and Education  program. Having been a commercial actress and an educator, Felicia is interested in identity formation and how art can facilitate that process.