An Apple A Day

As the semester has been wrapping up, I’ve had an opportunity to realize how lucky HGSE students are to have this job. Day in, day out…it’s just an unbelievable thing to be involved in education.

But, I’m not talking about teaching—I’m talking about being a graduate student.

It’s incredible to wake up every morning and know for these 9 months our job is to be students. It’s absurd that every day we have to learn and think about issues that are deeply important to us. And, because we’re given so much latitude and autonomy in pursuing graduate studies, it often feels like we are both student and our own teacher.

It’s simultaneously a humbling opportunity and an immense responsibility.

But isn’t that really what all education is? If that’s not what it is, maybe that’s what it should be: a humbling opportunity and an immense responsibility, to both yourself and your community.

Finals were difficult. Daunting, even. But they also were the first chance to step back and begin synthesizing what we’ve learned here over the past three months. At the very least, they were a beautiful reminder of just how hard it is to learn.

You guys, learning is really hard. But, it’s also the coolest thing ever.

So, in the spirit of being both a student and my own teacher, my student-self decided to reward my teacher-self with an apple. But since I’m a little bit older, I chose a slightly bigger apple and added on a 24-hour trip…

IMG_0422 (2)
From my trip to New York City!

Here’s to a short intermission before what promises to be an incredible second act—see you in January!

Taylor Morris is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. An avid violinist, fiddler, and educator from Arizona, Taylor aims to develop out-of-the-box experiences for string players by encouraging them to compose, arrange and improvise.