Five Great Resources to Help You With the Application Process

Greetings readers!

I hope this week is going very well for all of you. Many of you are probably busy with the application process, drafting your personal statements and figuring out which schools and programs you might want to apply to. Given my own preference for lists, I thought it would be helpful to put down some quick resources that you can turn to at different points while applying. Below is a list of five that I used most heavily during my own application process:

1. Email an ambassador: I found it most helpful to speak with current students and alumni to understand what things I absolutely shouldn’t miss out on, which ones to avoid, and other experiences to consider engaging in during the very short 9-month period here.

2. Explore course offerings and requirements on your program’s website: When starting my own application, I wasn’t quite sure which program would be the best fit for my interests, and definitely thought (mistakenly) that it might make sense to enroll in more than one Master’s program simultaneously! The viewbook was a helpful starting point in helping me clarify and refine my thoughts about which program to select, and then the academic section of the website allowed me to develop a much more nuanced understanding of the many programs offered.

3. Make an appointment with an Admissions liaison: If you have specific questions that haven’t yet been answered by the extensive website and our knowledgeable ambassadors, a twenty-minute consultation with an Admissions representative will definitely help answer them!

4. Take a virtual (or physical) campus tour: If you’re lucky enough to be in/around/near the area, a Saturday session or an Open House will allow you the opportunity to explore the buildings that have become home this year. If not, the virtual tour is a great substitute until you have the chance to see these in person!

5. Attend an information session: These sessions are available both online and off-campus. If you’re able to visit campus, there are opportunities to ask current students questions in person during one of many admissions events.

Good luck and love from Cambridge!

Kim Fernandes is a Master’s candidate in the International Education Policy program. Having taught previously in Mumbai, Kim hopes to return to India after graduation to support government and low-income private schools.