Personal Growth

Graduate school is a time for personal growth… intellectual growth… professional growth… and yes, facial hair growth! This month, I’m doing my best to get the HGSE campus into the spirit of Movember. Every year, folks around the world grow out their mustaches in an effort to raise awareness—and money—in support of men’s health issues, particularly cancer. We call it “changing the face of men’s health.”

I am the captain of our HGSE Movember team, and we’re looking to make our mark on the global fundraising scene! At the time of writing this post, our team is ranked #8313 in the world. But that’s beautiful! Just think, there are least 8313 teams geared up to raise money for this great cause. Also, I just started tapping into the full power of the HGSE network.

There’s a myth out there that there is no sense of community in graduate school. Supposedly, we’re all over-worked, mid-career fun-haters that are too busy for frivolities like clubs, activities and causes. This couldn’t be further from the truth here at HGSE. I get three or four emails everyday inviting me to attend an event or support an initiative being spearheaded by my classmates. This time I’m happy to be the sender of one of those emails. All I had to do was reach out to my Program Coordinator, who is putting me in touch with the Coordinators of the other 13 masters and doctoral programs at HGSE. With their help, everyone in the school should be hearing about our Movember initiative before the week is done. That’s the kind of thing that makes this experience feel less anonymous, and more like a community.

Here’s a picture of me at Brighton Barber Co., the official Barber Shop of our Movember team.


Andrew F. Williams is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Special Studies program. He is a youth development specialist and soccer coach, working with young players in the U.S., Africa, and Latin America. He is currently developing a soccer-based academic enrichment curriculum for elementary aged students.