Squeezing the most out of HGSE

When I arrived at HGSE, I learned it is common to compare these 9 months in a master’s program to drinking from a firehose: there’s so much that you’ll be overwhelmed just taking in the amount that you can.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, yeah, it’s Harvard, we’re in Cambridge, and near Bostonbut how can that be a thing?!

Turns out nobody is exaggerating–it’s actually a thing! And, it’s equal parts incredible, overwhelming, and totally inspiring. There really is that much to do both on and off campus.

While I could talk about any number of extracurricular experiences in which I’ve had the fortune to partake, I want to give a shout out to Continuing the Conversation, a biennial conference for artists and educators coordinated by alumni from Arts in Education (AIE), my program here at HGSE.

IMG_0314 (1)

While the weekend was filled with insightful panels and sessions, the highlight for me was the opening event with performances from and a discussion with student artists: two dancers from Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, two performers from Zumix (a nearby community music program), and a group of ceramics students from a high school in Pennsylvania.


One of the performances was by Brian, a student rapper from Zumix. Coincidentally, the hook in his original rap was: “Life is what you make it; create it and make it last.”


Taking those words to heart that night, I skipped going to sleep early and went out with members from my AIE cohort to a nearby pub…

[Are you ready? Here comes the pun!]

…and, in squeezing the most out of my time here, I was thrilled to have my very first cup of hot apple cider!



Taylor Morris is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. An avid violinist, fiddler, and educator from Arizona, Taylor aims to develop out-of-the-box experiences for string players by encouraging them to compose, arrange and improvise.