Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

I’ve never been much of a sporty gal. My hopeless hand-eye coordination and overall lack of athletic ability have often been the target of jokes amongst my two younger brothers, both talented athletes who watch ESPN morning until night. While I was living in New York, sports were never on my radar. I knew that Madison Square Garden was where the Knicks played, and that the new Yankee Stadium was located up in the Bronx, but those games came and went without me knowing the name of a single player.

That all changed when I arrived in Boston.

The people here show a loyalty for the Red Sox that is akin to being in a marriage. It’s hard to go a day without seeing the familiar blue and red t-shirt, or without hearing “Papi” in a general conversation. It only got more excessive once the World Series began. I found myself swept up in the Boston sporting excitement, going to restaurants and bars that had televisions all tuned in to the game, and cheering with other students upon every win. Sports create a community here that not only represent great athletic teams, but also represent the city and its resilience as a whole. Congratulations, Red Sox! I’m thrilled that I was in this city to experience the enthusiasm firsthand.

My friends and I definitely jumped as high as these guys after they won Game 6!
My friends and I definitely jumped as high as these guys after they won Game 6!

Stacy Tell is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Language and Literacy program. An aspiring Reading Specialist, Stacy is passionate about helping students to become lifelong readers.