When Life Gives You…Apples?

I’m from Arizona.

And here’s something you may not know about life in the desert: we don’t have “fall.” We don’t even really have “seasons,” per se. For all intents and purposes, we’ve got summer, post-summer, and pre-summer…and that’s about it.

So, needless to say, this whole fall thing has been pretty fantastic. And, in an effort to soak it up, I’m actively partaking in seasonal stereotypes: wearing sweaters, consuming all things pumpkin, and even growing a beard! But, the most fruitful, fall endeavor thus far has been going on the yearly HGSE apple picking trip. [Pun very much intended.]

You guys, apple picking is awesome. This photo only captures about 34% of the happiness I felt that day:


A moment of triumph as I successfully scale a precariously balanced ladder to pick two perfect apples from the top.

You know what’s less awesome? Spending all Saturday (day and night) writing mid-term essays.

So, in the spirit of making all things autumnal, I modified the optimists’ well-worn motto to improve my Saturday night: when life gives you apples, make apple pies.


I poked slits in the shape of the number 2, because this was my second ever pie. (In case you’re wondering, yes, my first pie had a 1 on it.)

…and if you didn’t see it coming yet, baking a pie happens to be a pretty great metaphor for life as a student. These past two months have been spent navigating my options, picking out classes, cutting through readings, making knowledge from scratch, and letting this adventure slowly culminate into a dense, rich experience.

Dig in!

Taylor Morris is a Master’s of Education candidate in the Arts in Education program. An avid violinist, fiddler, and educator from Arizona, Taylor aims to develop out-of-the-box experiences for string players by encouraging them to compose, arrange and improvise. 

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