Full Circle

I thought I would take some time to shed light on the cohesive nature of my academics at HGSE. As I might have mentioned before, a fellow classmate of mine from the Technology, Innovation, and Education cohort and I have been working throughout the course of the year developing The Pop Up Project.

The Pop Up Project aims to enable young, female, Arab youth, living in the Middle East with 21st century skills. These skills we have defined as critical & design thinking, problem solving, digital fluency, active citizenship, and collaboration. We plan on achieving this by creating educational and explorative spaces out of repurposed shipping containers. These educational destinations will host a variety of curricula that teach the aforementioned 21st century skills, but through different vehicles. This summer we plan on launching in Beirut, Lebanon with a course on computer programming and coding.

So what does this passion project have to do with academic cohesion? Considering making an entrepreneurial endeavor come to reality takes a whole lot of work but it became a lot less daunting as I had the chance to work on three different components of my vision in three different classes here. The flexibility of the curriculum here at HGSE will really allow me to leave here with something I can truly call my own.

In T550: Designing for Learning by Creating, we were able to develop the curriculum to be utilized within the space, while in A132: Educational Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, we developed the business plan for the initiative. Finally, in S301: Arts in Education: Learning in and Through the Arts, I was able to draft a grant proposal were I ever to seek out funding.

All in all, the chance to make my courses work for my passions and interests is one of the most fulfilling experiences of being an HGSE student.

Popping in a City Near You,